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Commercial that I’ve shot for a famous ukrainian coffee trademark “Medelin”

March 1, 2014

“Medelin” is a famous ukrainian trademark which produce coffee since 1998. This company has developed own exclusive “AromaProtect” technology, which has no analogues in the world. This technology gives the unique ability to control the quality of coffee products at all production stages.

In this video I`ve demonstrated the route of a green coffee beans during all production stages: roasting, grinding, dosing and final packaging.

If you are experiencing choppy playback, you can download the original version of this video here:

Video that I’ve shot for a german interior designer

May 22, 2011

German interior designer Natalia Kramer asked me to shoot a presentational video for her. I filmed several interiors that she did, among them: private house, hairdressing salon, cafe and beauty salon.

If you are experiencing choppy playback, you can download the original file here:

Some information about Natalia:

Feuerdornweg 3
66424 Homburg

Natalia studied interior design at FH Kaiserslautern University and graduated 14.11.2006. After graduation she worked in Germany for Scgwitzke&Partner company (2006-2007). She has since been freelancing. Her projects have included designing offices, houses, restaurants and other businesses.

Natalia has always approached her work with creativity, professionalism and an eye for perfection.

Interior designer Natalia Kramer


Few location photos:

Location Location Location Location



Tatiana Voloshchuk:

Eugenia Filonenko:

Oksana Didyk:

Yana Didyk:

Irina Smolanka:



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